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The story of VIBE Wellness.

Megan Hanrahan

Physical Therapist/Yoga Instructor

Megan graduated from the University of Connecticut Physical Therapy Program in 1995. She has diverse clinical experience in a variety of Acute Care Rehabilitation and Orthopedic settings.

She completed the 200 hour registered yoga teacher training at We are Yoga, Salt Lake City, in 2016. She has also taught Kids Yoga since 2012, completing training with one of her lovely mentors, Brandi Allen.

Megan inspired to be on the cutting edge of physical therapy.

She brings a compassionate perspective as a Physical Therapist to share the beautiful path of yoga.

Megan’s personal goal is to share yoga with students of all ages, abilities, and inspiration.

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Megan’s Story

I was at a crossroad of returning to work as a PT, however, the company I worked for had split their management into 2 companies inpatient, and outpatient. There were a lot of unknowns working for a new organization, new management, policies, and possibly credentialing so I took the opportunity to explore my own practice.I liked the idea of breaking out on my own, and fulfilling a desire to have my own wellness based practice. I also had just completed a yoga teacher training, that I did more out of curiosity to develop my own yoga practice, specifically to have the confidence to practice at home, on my own, and understand the philosophy of yoga. This training was after knee surgery so I naturally had to modify poses, and deal with frustration and limitation of not being 100%, but it was a gift because my perspective was deeper from a recovery from injury. It was a great metaphor to see how I completed my training and returned to my career, sports, and recreation. Very organic, authentic experience, and the idea took on.

My grandmother was a dance teacher, who ran a successful dance studio, out of her home in Rhode Island. As a kid growing up, my sister and I spent time exploring her studio, and playing dance, trying on shoes and recital costumes. She taught well into the retirement years, so it dawned on me if I love what I do, retirement is more of an option, than a necessity. This is what I want to do for the next ½ of my life.

I’m inspired to be on the cutting edge of physical therapy. PT was a response after WWII to help the wounded soldiers and veterans. The title was reconstruction aides, and evolved and survived the decades as major health care career. Very diverse, and so is my background in PT in various settings. Yoga to me is the perfect holistic approach because one, it is natural, ancient, addresses mind, body, energy, philosophy.

It was in my mind the original wellness tool the yogi’s gave back to the people to help them navigate the stress of life once people started to live and gather in large cities, and develop agriculture. They wanted the people to have the same tools for happiness, and peace of mind they had as elite status of society.

PT continues to evolve and today there is much development in health, wellness, preventative support. Education. We as a culture don’t move enough, we sit, text, type, work, drive, and often in our 20’s 30’s and so on become very static. If an injury or illness comes along its hard to transition through this sedentary state back into a healthy recreation and sports environment. I like the way yoga is very grounding, we connect to the mat, earth, and also expansive. Reaching your head toward sky, opening your heart space by rotating your rib cage etc. Holistic, you may have back or shoulder pain, but you can move your body as a whole, and focus on what does work, and pay attention to nurturing what may need to build strength. Stability.

Customized Therapy for Every Client

Physical Therapy tailored to Yoga poses is my unique offering in my VIBE Wellness Program. These are private sessions and are customized to each individual. I am eager to share yoga to clients who are open to beginning their customized yoga program, especially beginners! With an open heart I will meet you on the mat to practice: awareness, balance posture, flexibility, core strength, and mindfulness.